Thursday, July 30, 2009

Card Set Challenge # 2 (07-30-09)

Hey Friends! It's Thursday and it's the Card Set Challenge time again! We're on our second Card Set Challenge!! The challenge is to create 3 or more Holiday or celebration cards using the sketch below. Create a set of cards with the same design focusing on holiday cards such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc. or a set of celebration cards such as Birthday, Get Well, Congratulations, etc.

If you want to play along, post a comment with the link to your blog, SCS or PCP gallery or online album! This is a great way to create gift set cards to give as gifts for Christmas!! Can't wait to see your cards!

Here is the sketch challenge for this week:

Here is a sample of a Thanksgiving set that I created. My goal is to make one more set of Thanksgiving cards and I'll be done with my Thanksgiving cards! My card don't quite follow the sketch because I made my diamond too big. LOL!

Maria - Stampin Inspirations

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sankari's Snowman Challenge #27 (07-27-09)

Hi Friends! This week is Sankari of Sankari's Sunshine Corner to host this week's challenge! Wow, we're on week #27. How many of you are thinking of starting your Christmas cards but don't have the mojo for it right now? Well, I think we thought the same way way back in January but now that Christmas is getting closer, I think our mojo is stepping into high gear! LOL! How about jumping in and playing along in this week's challenge

Sankari : HI Everyone, Its almost August and its scorching hot over here - so how about something cooling! This week's challenge is to make a card with snowmen, snowwomen, or snowpeople :) You can make it with any colors, etc. but the main feature should have a snowperson on it :) Can't wait to see your wonderful snow creations!

If you want to play along, post a comment with the link to your blog, SCS or PCP gallery or online photo album!!

Here is a sketch that you may follow if you like to use sketches to create a card. The sketch is not part of the challenge:

Check out the fantastic samples that the design team created:

Friday, July 24, 2009

Card Set Challenge #1

Hi Friends!! Well, it's our very first "Card Set Challenge"!! Yipee! Like I said . . .every Thursdays there will be an additional challenge to create "card sets" of a multiple of 3 or more cards that are simple and of the same design. I guess it's up to you on how simple you want to make your card. . .if you want to work a bit harder and make you cards fancy. . .it's okay too.

The primary goal is to create sets of cards with a minimum of at least 3 cards. I'll open the challenge to include any"Holiday" cards such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Celebration cards such as birthday, congratulation, etc. I don't want to limit the challenge to just Christmas cards because you may want to give the sets of cards as Christmas gifts and don't want the cards to be Christmas cards.

Please comment this post with the link to your blog, PCP or SCS Gallery, or online photo album. Please take a photo showing the multiple cards that you created!! Thank you!

This week's card set challenge is a sketch challenge! Have fun creating!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Maria's Sketch Challenge #26 - 07-20-2009

Hey Friends!! It's challenge time again!! Whoohoo! It's my (Maria) turn to host this week's challenge! I decided to go easy this week and do a sketch challenge!! Simple, huh? Well, we're now on week #26. Just to let you know, starting this week. . .each Thursday, we'll be doing an extra challenge. The challenges will be primarily sketches and the challenge will be to create multiple (3 to 5) cards, assembly style meaning your card design will be the same. Be sure to stop by on Thursday if you want to play along!!

Okay back to this week's challenge. . .like I said, it's a sketch challenge. You can create a gate fold or a card jacket if you want.. My card is actually a jacket and I plan to add an insert. . .which I haven't done yet. You can also just create a regular card like some of our designers did. . .it's up to you!!

To play along, comment this post and add a link to your blog, PCP or SCS gallery, or your online album.